edit.jpgWe are proud to say that The Offices at Bedminster have achieved Energy Star and LEED Certified designation status. Below is a summarization of achievements throughout this process and how they benefit you, as a tenant.

Click here for our Tenant Sustainability Guide of this information.

Improvements that we have made to increase sustainability are:


  • 2018 Energy Star score of 82 on the 500 Bldg
  • LEED Certified designation for the 550 Bldg
  • Replacing all parking lot and garage lighting with LED lighting
  • Replacement of all 14 rooftop HVAC units with new units that use R410A refrigerant instead of the original R22 refrigerant
  • Replacement of the black roofs on both the 500 & 550 Bldgs
  • High Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) white roof, replacement of common area toilets, urinals, and sinks with low flow faucets, replacement of common area fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs.
  • Card board, paper, metal can, and plastic bottle recycling.

energy star.pngLEED Certified.jpg