Building Specifications

The Offices at Bedminster

 Building Specifications


General Building Description of Buildings & Site

The Offices at Bedminster is situated on 14 acres, just off Route 202/206 in Bedminster, NJ, with easy access to both Routes 78 and 287. The Offices at Bedminster was completed in April 1989 as the commercial component of a planned unit development in Bedminster and is situated at the foot of a high- density 3,000-unit condominium development.

The Offices at Bedminster consists of two identical Class A buildings, totaling 192,000, each with 3 floors, full underground parking, and is situated on 16 acres of land which includes a 3 acre pond. The complex includes The Village of Bedminster, a retail center that provides many goods and services to the building tenants as well as the Bedminster Medical Plaza which is a multi-tenanted Medical Office Building.

Clad in handsome hand laid Endicott brick, each building is set amid meticulously landscaped grounds with scenic views of the decorative ponds and surrounding countryside.

1. Total parking capacity at the site is 691 parking spaces, 114 of which are located in garages under the buildings.

2. Zoning – PUD

3. Architect – The Hillier Group 

4. The exteriors of the buildings are hand laid Endicott brick and insulated glass.

5. Structural System - The buildings are a composite structural system with structural steel columns, wide-flanged steel framing and bolted steel connections with poured-in-place reinforced concrete slabs over metal decking

6. Floor to slab heights are 12 foot, 8 inches typical.

7. Column spacing – 30 foot by 30 foot typical. 

8. Live load capacity - 100 lbs. per square foot live load

9. Restrooms are ADA compliant.

       Fixture count/ floor/ Men’s and Woman’s restrooms.

-          Men’s Rooms – 2 urinals, 3 water closets, and four sinks per floor

-          Ladies’ Rooms – 5 water closets, four sinks per floor.  


Base Building Systems & Finishes

  •  Sprinkler system

         Office and common area spaces serviced by a wet sprinkler system, under building garage serviced by a dry sprinkler system. Backflow preventers are installed on main feed for each building. PIV valves are located near building the building entrances.

  • Lighting

-          Most tenant area lighting is by 18 cell parabolic light fixtures utilizing three fluorescent bulbs. Interior common area lighting is 18 cell parabolic fixtures in the common corridors, LED fixtures in the atrium, garage, and parking areas. 

  • Lighting control system

-          Lighting in tenant spaces is controlled by the tenant using local light switches. Common area (interior) lighting is controlled by time clocks. Exterior parking lot lighting is with LED fixtures controlled via the building’s Trane energy management system utilizing a photo cell.



Power is supplied at 277/480 volt, 3-phase, 4-wire, 60- hertz. 

Power per floor is six watts per USF and low voltage power is two watts per usf.

Buss riser goes from floor to floor.  Electrical rooms are stacked above each other.

  • Exclusive vertical riser space exists
  • Substation support by JCP&L – 500, Greater Crossroads sub-station and 550, Chambers Brook sub-station

1. Provider of electricity to the building -  Jersey Central Power & Light.

JCP&L Electric service originates from pad-mounted utility transformers at each building. The transformers deliver power to the buildings at 480-volts, 3-phase service. The transformers feed main switches located in electrical rooms on the buildings’ basement levels. The main switchboards, manufactured by Siemens, are rated at 2,000amps each. Each switchboard has ground fault protection.

2. Substation support by JCP&L – 500, Greater Crossroads sub-station and 550, Chambers Brook sub-station 

3. The electrical capacity in kW/RSF available to tenant is: 6 Watts/RSF based on Demand Load

4. Tenant usage for billing purposes measured by Itron Sub meter

5. The voltage in the building riser 277/480 volt

6. Emergency Generator - Two Katolite Generators (one per building)  40KW/50KVA each for Life Safety.  * One Blue Star Power System 130 KW diesel generator is available for Tenant use exclusively by one full floor tenant. * Subject to availability and Lease negotiation.


  1. Air conditioning is provided by rooftop package AC units (two per floor), totaling 380 tons of cooling per building.
  1. Air is distributed via VAV boxes at the rate of one VAV box per 1,000 rentable square feet. Each VAV box has its own individual thermostat.  Perimeter VAV boxes contain electric reheat coils.
  1. Energy Efficiency – The building has a new digital direct control (DDC) Trane Tracer building management system that was installed in 2010. Each rooftop package unit is equipped with variable frequency drives. Fresh air intake is adjusted by carbon dioxide sensors for Tenant comfort as well as energy efficiency.
  1. Temperature specifications for the premises are:

 -    During business hours on business days, 73 degrees +/-2 degrees Fahrenheit dry-bulb (Fdb) with a relative humidity of 50% +/-10% during the cooling season and 70 degrees F +/- 2 degrees with no humidity control during the heating season.

-          Summer outside conditions based upon the ASRAE Fundamentals Climatic Conditions using the 2.5% Design dry-bulb and mean coincident wet-bulb of 88 degrees fdb/72degrees F WB based on New Brunswick, NJ.

-          Winter outside conditions  based  upon the ASRAE Fundamentals Climatic Conditions using the 97.5% Design dry bulb of 10 degrees Fdb based on New Brunswick, NJ

-          An average electrical usage of 5.0 watts per USF (tenant’s lighting & equipment)

5. Ductwork

Rooftop units deliver conditioned air to riser ducts in vertical chases. The riser ducts connect to horizontal supply ducts on each floor. Sheet metal supply ducts (within plenum ceilings) feed VAV boxes. Supply duct are either internally or externally insulated, depending on location.

       6. The maximum number of people per RSF is one person per 150 RSF.

       7. The hours of operation of base building HVAC

            8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM Saturday

       8. The cost to the tenant for after hour operations HVAC operation is $75 per hour, per zone    (15,000 RSF), 2 zones per floor.


 Passenger elevators – Two per building

-          Manufacturer -Westinghouse Elevator Corp. 

-          Capacity of each passenger elevator - 2,500 lb.

-          System Type - Hydraulic

Fire Life Safety

  1. Fire detection system

The base building fire alarm system is an addressable system manufactured by Notifier and is monitored by a central station.  Audible and visual notification is via speaker/strobes appliances in tenant spaces and common areas.

          A.) Each building has a 40-kW diesel generator for emergency lighting and the fire alarm system.

          B.)The atriums are equipped with smoke purge systems.



-          The roofs over both buildings are single ply, Sarnafil PVC solar reflective roof membranes. Both roofs were replaced in 2007 and have a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty. Drainage is accomplished by internal roof drains along with one overflow drain for each primary drain.



-          The building has 38 High Definition Closed Circuit Television (HDCCTV) camera which continually monitor the atrium entrance, elevator cabs, first floor common corridors, and the parking garage elevator lobbies, 24/7/365. Additionally, we have a manned security service on site from 3:00 PM to 11 PM Monday through Thursday, and 3:00 PM Friday continuously until 7:00 AM Monday.

-          The manufacturer of the base building card access control system is Northern/Honeywell.

-          The building is accessible by tenant 24/7/365

Voice & Data

          The current telecom local access providers servicing the building are: 

-          Verizon, Optimum/Lightpath and Comcast. 

-          Verizon and Optimum/Lightpath are fiber optic providers for the property. Comcast also provides coaxial cable for lower volume users.