Tenant Handbook


All mail items and small quantity deliveries not requiring use of the elevator may be made to your tenant areas during regular business hours. For large deliveries, please refer to the Section I. entitled "Move In/Move Out Procedures"

All mail deliveries are made directly to each tenant suite via the Bedminster Post Office. Mail will be delivered and outgoing mail picked up from a designated mail drop area within your tenant space. There is also a Mail box located on the Parking level of both buildings.

FEDERAL EXPRESS DROP-OFF BOX is located on the Parking level of both buildings.

Deliveries requiring extended use of the elevator after-hours or on weekends MUST be requested at least 24 hours in advance in writing to the Property Management Office.

Large deliveries, which require more than approximately 20 minutes, MUST be scheduled for after regular business hours by calling the Property Management Office.

When providing your mailing address, make sure to include your building, company name and suite number. The suggested address format is

Company Name
500 or 550 Hills Drive
Suite (NNN)
Bedminster, New Jersey 07921