Tenant Handbook


The following guidelines MUST be adhered to for Move-ins, Move-outs and deliveries and/or removal of furniture and other items sizeable items.

NOTIFICATION: Property Management requires a notification of at least 7 days in advance of your proposed move-out date, in writing, listing furniture, equipment, etc. to be moved in or out of the building during normal business hours.

ELEVATORS: To ensure the safety of tenants requiring use of elevators, all moving activity, Monday through Friday must take place between 6:30 am and 8:00 am or after 5:00 pm or at any time on Saturday and Sunday. (Property Management will provide padding for the elevators)

If an independent moving service is used, you must provide the Property Management Office with the name of the moving company, their company representative and their phone number. It will be necessary for your moving company to send to our Property Management office, a Certificate of Insurance evidencing appropriate coverage which names MIREF Bedminster, LLC, Avison Young – New York, LLC, Avison Young (Canada) Inc., Avison-Young (USA) Inc. as Additional Insured and Certificate Holder. The moving service will not be permitted to operate on the premises without evidence of this coverage.

If your own employees will be participating in the move in or out of the building, we require a letter stating your liability for them under your insurance coverage.

MASONITE: Any independent moving company must provide and place down masonite on all floors/walls in the hallway areas and elevator lobbies before any moving activity is to begin.

PERSONNEL SUPPORT: For your protection, as well as that of the building owner, Property Management must provide stand-by personnel to monitor any move in or out of the building. There will be a charge to the tenant.

Please Contact the Management Office for further details on move in/move out procedures.